American University Stops Sikh Student Armed With Kirpan

People on social media were outraged at the way police treated a college student.

A Sikh student at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte was arrested for carrying a Kirpan on campus, in a shocking occurrence that took place in the United States of America.
The student made the incident public when he posted a video of it on Twitter, claiming that police had handcuffed him for refusing to allow the officer take his Kirpan from the miyaan.

His anguish was stated in the video’s caption: “I wasn’t going to put this out there, but I don’t expect @unccharlotte to back me up on this. According to the police, I was reported to 911 and then handcuffed for “resisting” when an officer tried to remove my kirpan from the miyaan.

Sikhs and other internet users all across the world responded vehemently to the news of the attack.

A total of over 21,000,000 people have seen the video, and it has received over 56,000 likes and several comments. Users of social media were outraged at the way police officers handled a college student.

An angry internet commenter said it was “It’s terrible that you were taken into custody without any prior warning or provocation. Many people in the United States regularly and openly carry concealed pistols. Ideally, the complaint would be dropped and an apology would be extended “. The second user said, “If this is true, the officer in question has to be disciplined and educated on the law regarding the possession of sacred objects by baptised Sikhs. Sikhs have openly carried this for decades without incident.

Someone said, “Everyone should have fundamental knowledge Of all religions, including Sikhism and the 5 K’s,” highlighting the need of having even a cursory awareness of religion in the multiethnic community that is the United States today.

In the five Sikh Kakars, the Kirpan plays a significant role.

Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee website states that the five Khalsa symbols are all things beginning with the letter K: the keshor long hair and beard; Kangha, a comb in the kesh to keep it tidy as opposed to the recluses who kept it matted in token of their having renounced the world; Kara, a steel bracelet; Kachch, short breeches; and Kirpan, a sword.

Indian MPs have also demanded an apology from the university administration in response to the disturbing video.

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa tweeted the video with the caption, “Campus police at the University of North Carolina detained a Sikh student because of his Kirpan, despite widespread efforts to educate the public about the significance of Sikh Kakars. I strongly disagree with the University’s biassed treatment of Sikh students “It was a tweet from Sirsa.

“We demand an apology from the @unccharlotte Campus Police and University Administration for the detention of a Sikh teenager over his Kirpan, a sacred component of Sikh Kakars. To facilitate the Amritdhari student’s dignified release, we are in daily contact with the @IndianEmbassyUS and @MEAIndia “ex-lawmaker Sirsa stated in a tweet.

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