At least 67 killed in Nepal plane crash

At least 67 killed in Nepal plane crash. Even seasoned pilots find the country in the Himalayas’ isolated and challenging runways, which are borde   by snow-capp peaks, challenging.

At least 67 killed in Nepal plane crashIn the biggest aviation accident to strike the Himalayan nation in three decades, a plane carrying 72 people crashed in Nepal on Sunday, according to police doramasmp4live.

Police official AK Chhetri told AFP that 31 bodi  h en transport to hospitals and that 36 more were still inside the 300-metre (600-foot) deep valley the plane rash into.

The army offered a partial confirmation when a. Spokesman stat that 29 bodi h ad be und and that 33 more were still at the scene in Pokhara, Nepal.

It is challenging to transport the bodies because the aeroplane fell into a valley. continuous search and rescue operations. According to army spokesman. Krishna Prasad Bhandari tells AFP, no survivors ha en discovered. One local official claim that some survivors ha d been transferr to a hospital. However neither the airline Yeti Airlines nor other sources confirmed this.

According to Sudarshan Bartaula, a spokesman for. Yeti, there were 68 passengers and four crew members on board, and 15 international nationals. Including five Indians, four Russians, and two Koreans. The remainder were citizens of Nepal.

The jet from Kathmandu plunged into the ravine and bur. Dtbits between Pokhara’s domestic and brand new international airport on Sunday soon before 11:00 am (0515 GMT) (0515 GMT).

After the incident, rescue personnel were hosing down pieces of the wreckage of the ATR 72 twin-engine turboprop while smoke drifted out of a ravine as hundreds of spectators watched. The area w s strewn with what appear to be component of the aircraft, includ seats.

Social media users release  video of the accident site that appear  to hen taken right after it happen . The video showed blazing flames on the ground and black smoke rising into the sky from the wreckage.

The clip could not be immediately verified by AFP. Another unreliable video clip posted online. Showed a plane flying low over a neighbourhood, banking hard to the left, and then an audible explosion.

The new international airport in Pokhara, which opened on. January 1, is intend  to progressively take the place of the previous one, built in 1958. For both international hikers and religious pilgrims, the city serves as a gateway.

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