“Don’t Believe Vladimir Putin Will Use Nuclear Weapons”: Ukraine’s Zelensky

Zelensky told the TV station of the German tabloid Bild, referring to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, “I don’t believe that he would use these weapons.”

German capital city of Berlin President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine told German media on Wednesday that he does not think Russia will use nuclear weapons to preserve its territory, despite President Vladimir Putin’s earlier assurances to the contrary.
I don’t think he’ll use those,” Zelensky said of nuclear weapons to the TV station of Germany’s Bild newspaper. “I don’t think the world will let him deploy these weapons,” he said.

Ukrainian leader advised against caving to Putin’s threats.

“Putin may threaten to use nuclear weapons tomorrow and declare, “We want part of Poland, too, just like we want part of Ukraine.” We must not give in to their demands, “What he had to say was.

According to Zelensky, the low morale of the Russian military was a major factor in the president’s decision to authorise a partial mobilisation.

For his plan to succeed, he “needs an army of millions” since “he sees that a major percentage of those (troops) that come to us, merely flee away,” he explained.

Vladimir Putin “wants to drown Ukraine in blood, especially the blood of his own soldiers,” Zelensky stated.

In announcing the mobilisation early on Wednesday, Putin also warned that Moscow may use nuclear weaponry over the crisis, if Ukraine stages a fast counter-offensive and seizes back large swaths of land.

Zelensky called the upcoming annexation referendums in Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine “sham referendums,” claiming that 90% of states will not recognise the results.

The leader of Ukraine has said that his country would continue its military operations until it has “freed our region.”

The pressure on Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s administration to send combat tanks to help Ukraine in its struggle against Russia was increased when he repeated Kyiv’s request.

However, despite Kyiv’s repeated requests, Berlin has thus far refused to provide the tanks that the country so desperately needs.

Let us have these weapons, Zelensky pleaded. The availability of battle tanks increases the number of lives that can be spared.

He slammed the German government for saying it didn’t want to “do it alone,” despite the fact that no other ally had sent Western-made combat tanks to Ukraine.

You should not refer to other countries in the order “First the United States, then Poland, and so on” since “you are an independent state.”

Putin, according to Zelensky, “has already lost the fight.”

“He had already lost this battle the moment he invaded Ukrainian land. The damage he’s done is irreparable.”

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