Due to a lack of oval blue badges, Ford is unable to fulfil vehicle orders

Ford has had a shortage of model identification nameplates and vehicle oval badges.

The success of any product aimed at the general public depends on its ability to stand out from the competition and be easily recognised by its target audience. Brand badges, especially on vehicles, are the only obvious identifiers in the auto industry other than the design.
Ford’s current supply chain problems may be traced in large part to the blue oval emblems that are placed on nearly every Ford vehicle as part of its eponymous brand.

Ford emblems and model identification nameplates are in short supply at the Detroit automaker.

The problem, which affects badges for its F-Series trucks, was originally reported by The Wall Street Journal on Friday, citing anonymous sources.

Having informed Michigan officials that it had thrown industrial chemicals into a local sewage system in August, the business that had previously created badges for Ford, Tribar Technologies, was ordered to curtail operations, as reported by the Journal.

A few days after warning of a possible inventory buildup of up to 45,000 vehicles that may lack certain parts, Ford Motor Co. on September 22 announced a management shift and the restructuring of its product development and supply chain groups.

Until a new supply chain director is appointed, the carmaker has announced that CFO John Lawler will be responsible for directing the overhaul of the company’s worldwide supply chain operations.

On Wednesday, reports emerged that Ford, another major US automaker, was planning thousands of job cuts as part of an effort to slash costs and accelerate the company’s transition to electric vehicles.

The Wall Street Journal, citing anonymous sources, reports that the company will announce the loss of almost 4,000 positions in the coming weeks.

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