family worries about controversial.

family worries about controversial professor being held by Taliban

family worries about controversial professor being held by Taliban

His kids have been sobbing because they miss him “explained a family member of Ismail Mashal. They frequently approach the gate and inquire as to why he hasn’t returned.

On February 2, the Taliban leadership detained Professor Mashal, a university lecturer and prominent advocate for women’s education in Afghanistan.

His family still has no idea where he is more than ten days later.

“Since he was seized, we have not spoken to him. We are quite concerned “The family member informed the BBC.

“To learn more about him and learn what condition he is in, we have been knocking on every door of the government that we can find. But nobody speaks up.

When Prof. Mashal was handing out free books in Kabul’s Dehbori neighbourhood, close to the higher education ministry, he was detained.

A homemade tree was stuck to his handcart, which was pulling the books. “Islam has granted women and men equal rights to educate,” was painted in Dari on the top branch.

According to witnesses who spoke to the BBC, the Taliban security men who took Prof. Mashal into custody slapped, kicked, punched, and shoved him to the ground.

The Taliban’s Kabul police unit, the government’s intelligence division, and the interior ministry were contacted by the BBC with inquiries regarding the arrest of Prof. Mashal. The BBC asked the same questions again more than a week after the arrest. There hasn’t been a reaction.

He also quit his position as a lecturer. Then, while being broadcast live on the Tolo news station, he destroyed his academic transcripts.

“You have a master’s degree, so why can’t I go to seventh grade, my daughter said. I was stumped “In an interview with the BBC in January, Ismail Mashal had stated.

No one else exists like him.


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