House of Hammer


In a nutshell, Armie is guilty because his Great Great Granddad was possibly a communist. His Grandad tried to hide being Russian. His Father of him was left the entire family inheritance and the Aunt was cut out the will and she is extremely bitter about being left penniless and she seems to have never seen Armie since he was a child, but she knows what he’s like. Then there’s the ex-girlfriend who experienced something she won’t talk about and later overheard something else she won’t talk about. A couple of thirsty tik-tokers and the girl who’s traumatized, but never actually met him. The only person who actually made criminal complaints and MIGHT have merits, has nothing to do with this. Oh and Armie kicked his Aunt from him when he was four, so he must be guilty.

Director: Elli Hakami, Julian P. Hobbs

También conocido como: La casa Hammer: Escándalo y perversión


Estado: En curso

Año de lanzamiento:


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