Prince William Cites Queen’s Love For Environment In Earthshot Prize Summit

Upon learning of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, the prince, who is now heir to the throne, issued a prerecorded video message to the annual Earthshot Prize innovation event in New York.

On Wednesday in London, Prince William praised the environmental activism of his late grandmother and urged for the “fastest shift the world has ever known” in switching to renewable energy sources.
Heir to the throne since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the prince submitted a prerecorded video greeting to the 2019 Earthshot Prize innovation event in New York.

“Although it is the saddest of circumstances that means I cannot join you in person today, I am glad to be able to join you in video,” he said two days after his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, was laid to rest on September 8.

The video was posted by his Kensington Palace office, and he said, “During this time of sadness, I take great comfort in your continuous excitement, hope, and devotion to The Earthshot Prize and what we are striving to achieve.”

My grandmother was passionate about environmental protection, so I’m sure she’d be proud of all of you for coming out to support our Earthshot Finalists and the future generation of environmental pioneers.

After his grandmother passed away, William, then age 40, assumed the title of Prince of Wales and in October 2017 held an event in London to award the first annual Earthshot prizes to winners from Costa Rica, Italy, the Bahamas, and India.

The next King Charles III’s concern for the environment is in line with that of his late grandfather, Prince Philip, a former president of the World Wildlife Fund, and his father, the outgoing King Charles II.

The prince conceded that “right now, the globe is an unpredictable place” because of war, rising energy costs, and food scarcities.

And although we must take care of these immediate concerns, he continued, “we must not lose sight of the larger problems that endanger our future.”

To quote Nelson Mandela: “Together, we need to ensure that the shift to sustainable alternatives is the quickest and most endemic transformation the world has ever known.”

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