Shocking Video Shows 16-Foot Crocodile Attacking Zookeeper During Live Show

The handler is heard stating, “This is the only crocodile in South Africa that I can sit on his back chatting.”

Horrifyingly, a South African worker at a wildlife park was attacked by a crocodile measuring 16 feet in length, but he managed to escape. A zookeeper named Sean Le Clus was attacked by a 660-kilogram beast when he was riding on a crocodile in front of a group of tourists, as detailed in a Facebook post by the nonprofit organisation Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation. According to the post, the event happened on September 10 at Crocodile Creek property in the KwaZulu Natal region.
Mr. Clus and his two monsters were performing within a pit when a Nile crocodile called Hannibal swam up and attacked. According to Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation, Hannibal’s caretaker has been working with the animal for almost 30 years. The footage showing Mr. Clus circling the crocodiles and then sitting on Hannibal has been viewed millions of times online. The Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation was the first to share it on their Facebook page.

A voice can be heard in the video stating, “This is the only crocodile in South Africa that I can sit on his back chatting.” He goes on to say that Hannibal has a “60 cm biting area of 65 cm head” later in the video. Mr. Clus, warily rising from Hannibal’s back, sees the other crocodile approaching and decides to leave it be. In an instant, though, the massive crocodile swivels its head and clamps down on the keeper’s left leg.

The Daily Star reports that Mr. Clus had been bitten by crocodiles before, and that the first time it happened, he was left with a leg wound that forced him to hobble for 11 months.

Tourists screamed in terror as Hannibal fatally attacked them. Earlier this week, a representative from Crocodile Creek was quoted in The South African newspaper as saying, “Sean had two large holes chewed out of him, but he stitched them up and was back at work twenty minutes later. The female handler closed in on Hannibal, and he bit her for the first time because she had a temper.”

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