US Man Drives Sportscar A Mile In Reverse To Break Guinness World Record

Scot Burner spent two years preparing for his record attempt to make sure it would adhere to all Guinness World Records guidelines.

A guy has set a new record for driving a sports vehicle backwards, according to the Guinness World Records book. Fox News reports that Scot Burner drove a white 2017 Corvette in reverse for nearly 1.6 kilometres (or 75.18 seconds) at the NCM (National Corvette Museum) Motorsports Park. He did this in 97.01 seconds, which is faster than the previous record. According to the site, Mr. Burner is a Nashville, Tennessee native who runs the YouTube channel ‘Always in Reverse,’ in which he tests the peak speed of various vehicles by driving them backward.

On June 15th, the effort to break the record was made, and Guinness officials just just confirmed it after reviewing the footage and data collected.

Mr. Burner has proudly displayed his award on his Instagram profile. “My boasting has gone on and on. It’s official: I own a Guinness World Record! “the caption added.

Mr. Burner admits his passion is peculiar and claims he began driving automobiles backwards in the year 2000, when he bought a Honda S2000 sports vehicle.

“Due to the lengthy distance I had to back up, I was only able to get 47 miles per hour. Well, it was entertaining, I thought; then, to my pleasant surprise, the cruise control functioned “Fox News quoted Mr. Burner.

After learning that he had unofficially beaten the time, he resolved to attempt and formally break the record, according to a UPI story. Mr. Burner spent two years planning to break a record in Guinness World Records compliance.

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