US TV Channel Remains On Air As Its Studio Floods After Heavy Rain

Kevin Lighty, a meteorologist at WCIA, posted photographs and video showing members of the team submerged up to their waists in water.


A television station in Illinois continued broadcasting the news even after being inundated with several inches of water due to the intense storm that was occurring nearby. The incident took place on Monday, and as a result, both the control room and the newsroom at WCIA were flooded. The anchor of the television station headquartered in Champaign uploaded a video to Twitter showing the crew members wading through water that was around ankle-deep. In addition, it was stated that there were reports of damage caused by the storms, including wind damage, hail damage, and flash floods. All of these were a result of the storms.
“The word “lake” aptly describes the feature. The recent rainfall has resulted in the transformation of the studio into a lake.” According to the recording that the meteorologist Kevin Lighty posted online, he made this assertion while appearing on a late-night show on a Sunday.

The footage proceeded to show staff moving valuables to more secure areas of the building.

“I sincerely apologise for the trouble that this situation has brought you. Where do I even begin? OK, you’ve got me, but holy cow!” The video then moves on to include some more remarks stated by the anchor. We are still experiencing water leakage in the front, but the situation is far more severe in the back.

The WCIA report indicates that the technological infrastructure was not damaged in any way, and the television station was able to continue airing news about the development of the storms and their effects.

Following the storms that occurred on Monday, Mr. Lighty sent many images of the damage to the newsroom via the social networking site Twitter. Additionally, he released a video that showed his teammates working diligently despite the distracting whirring of the studio fans in the backdrop.

According to a story that was published in Newsweek, storms in central Illinois produced hail that was approximately the size of hen’s eggs. The National Weather Service office in Lincoln sent out many tweets warning of flash floods and predicting “a tornado or two.” The National Weather Service issued a warning to the residents to get ready to take urgent cover.

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